We are not your
average dog walkers!

Exercise is a vital part of keeping your dog healthy and happy.

That’s why at Sit Stay Fit, we believe in the importance of exercising your dog, both mentally and physically.

You tell us what aspects of training to focus on (such as loose leash walking, leave it around distractions, etc.) and how much exercise your dog needs. Then, we will get it done in a fun, positive way that will result in a better behaved, tired dog.

Whether you have an excitable dog that just needs more exercise, a leash reactive dog that needs training, or you just don’t want your dog to spend the day bored, and home alone- we can help! As trainers, we will employ our positive (and effective!) reward based methods the second we step out your front door. Our service will result in a dog that’s not just tired at the end of the walk, but better trained.

Standard Outing

Our standard visit is 45 minutes, whether we walk or run your pup. Distance will vary depending on your dog, and we will spend time warming up and cooling down, to prevent injury. All visits will include training, such as waiting at curbs, walking/running appropriately on leash, and/or any training you request. Talk to us about your training goals!

Deluxe Outing

Schedule a deluxe outing, which is a 2 hours spent walking, hiking, training at our studio, at the park, an outdoor cafe, or some combination of your choosing. This longer outing will wear your dog out and improve his training skills, allowing you to come home to a happy, tired and better behaved pup.

News and Events

We are so excited to announce a new member of our team, Amber! She will be helping with dog walks, runs and in our store. If you haven't had a chance to meet her, stop by our store and say hi! We now have more availability to help your dog be more successful on walks.

Contact us to learn more.

Trips & Activities

Want to send your dog out for a day of training and fun? Let them join us on various trips, or different activities around town where we will focus on specific training and help your dog have a day of adventure, education and fun. Trips could include the Oregon coast, various hikes, or a downtown adventure.

Contact us to learn more.

Puppy Play & Learn

Owning a puppy can be exhausting!
Let us take your puppy out for a socialization outing of training and fun while you get a break. Every session will include play time and training at the studio and a real world outing to help be comfortable and better behaved wherever you want to take them.

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